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Double Player for Music with Headphones Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 1904 ratings )
Developer: Emanuele Floris
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 25 May 2013
App size: 24.65 Mb

Double Player for Music is FREE today with

Listen to two different songs on your headphones with your friends or your girlfriend.

On the train, plane or bus???
You’re listening on your headphones and your girlfriend asks to listen too?
This app is the solution to your problems.
Give the other person an earphone, and you can both listen to your favourite tunes independently of one another with two innovative music players and fantastic graphics.
Be a step ahead with your iPhone or iPod Touch!!!

Pros and cons of Double Player for Music with Headphones Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Double Player for Music with Headphones Pro app good for

Works great overlaying podcast and music in the car :) One suggestion, use grey and white color scheme to match iOS. Everyones brightness is set for grey/white. This app is worth more than $1! Such a good deal, thank you. Solves the "music or learning" dilemma :)
Works like a dream. Smooth, sleek, beautiful. Wonderful for listening to two songs at the same time. Or better yet, listening to one song with a second delay in one ear. I havent even tried without headphones yet; will try soon! :P
Its a great app but it can only play songs from my libary, can u change it so it can play music from a app? Then it would be a truly unique app!!
This is a perfect app. Whoever thought of this app is a genius.
The title says it all thank you app of the day for showing me this
This app is amazing when two ppl want to listen to music and they dont like the same music they can listen to different song at the same time. I love it :))

Some bad moments

The volume increases every time the song changes. Crashes. Loses spots in longer tracks. Inability to fast forward through music. Poor customer service
Both players play on the both earphone in the same time. Useless.
both the headphones play both songs. like is this some sort of joke? -.-
Im not family or friend of the dev but I still say this app is awesome works perfect on iPod touch 4
I like it because u can Listen to Any music u WHONT and the other Person can to. And it sow cool I like it.
What I find to be the big flaw is that you cant hear everything that should be heard in one headphone. There should be an update of some sort that focuses all the music into the designated headphone, that way you and whomever youre sharing headphones with can fully enjoy their song.